Semalt: 3 Techniques To Block Referrer Spam In Google Analytics

Darodar is a company that focuses on black hat SEO techniques. This company uses multiple domains, for marketing its website and sends fake traffic to the sites. Moreover, it tricks the Google Analytics accounts and utilized the referral spam methods to send traffic to its client websites. Over the years, Darodar has utilized a number of methods to send traffic to the e-commerce sites. Webmasters or bloggers who have had hired this company's experts noticed historical and real-time referral visits from the domain. Most of the visits seem to be legitimate, and you will feel that someone has visited your site a couple of times.

When you monitor the data of your Google Analytics account, you will see that the fake traffic is coming from referral and the bounce rate is 100%. Darodar tricks users into visiting the site and buying its services. Referrer spam might destroy your site's ranking and Google Analytics, but it's tough to understand what's happening to your site. The visits acquired from the false referrals will affect your Google Analytics reports. For instance, the fake referrals will seem to be landing on your web pages and leave the same pages instantly; thus, the bounce rate is 100%. If the referral spammers have targeted your site, you can never identify the site's accurate bounce rate until or unless you filter all traffic out.

Here are some compelling methods from Oliver King, a top specialist of Semalt, to succeed in blocking ghost referrals.

Technique#1: Campaign Source Filters

The campaign source filters are used to eliminate or block the referrer traffic in your Google Analytics account.

a. Go to your Google Analytics profile and click on the Filters option on the left side of the Views section.

b. Click on the Add New Filter option and create new filters. Here, you should add or anything you can remember as your filter name.

c. Choose the Custom Filter option and go to the Campaign Source. Here you have to click on the Filter Pattern button and add the darodar domain name before saving the settings.

If you want to add different domains to one filter, you should make the Filter Patterns similar to that of the domain name such as and abc\.com.

Technique#2: A Campaign Referral Path Filter

The campaign referral filters are used to eliminate or block a single web page.

a. Open the Google Analytics profile and visit the Admin section.

b. Click on the Add New Filter option and create new exclude filters.

c. Insert or another similar name as the primary filter name and choose the Custom Filter option.

d. In the Filter field, you should choose the option of Campaign Referral and add the permalink from referred URLs. Click on the Save button before closing the window.

Technique#3: Language Settings Filters

Sometimes the referrer spam appears in the language settings in the form of keywords, search terms, and phrases. The language setting filters help block the language spam in your Google Analytics account.

a. Log in to the Google Analytics profile and click on the Filter option and Add A New Filter.

b. In the next step, you should choose the Exclude Filter option and then the Language settings. Add the filter pattern in this section such as \s[^s]*\s|..{16,}|\.| and Verify the filter before saving the settings.

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